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26 June 2018 - PLANNED HAZARDOUS WORKS - The Laurels


Summary - PLANNED WORKS - The Laurels

Published - 19/06/2018
Severity - Major
Start - Tuesday 26th June 2018 10:30am ACST
End - Tuesday 26th June 2018 11:30am ACST
Services - All Phone and Broadband services including PBX services
Areas - The Laurels, Mount Barker


We are writing to inform you of some upgrade works that need to take place at The Laurels. This is to activate and cut over to an upgraded link to provide much required service performance improvement at the village.

Network changes are required on our infrastructure at The Laurels which WILL result in a short service outage as the link gets migrated.
These works are scheduled for between 10:30am and 11:30am and are expected to be completed within a short time (within a few minutes), but at worst may take an hour or more. 
During this time, subscribers WILL experience an interruption of service (e.g. browsing), and voice services which also be interrupted. This includes services on the PBX.  
If a customer experiences an interruption AFTER the change window, please power down the white RASimple gateway device, wait 30 seconds and then power it back up.  If services still do not restore to normal 5 minutes after this, please contact our technical support team for further assistance on 1300 130 185.
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