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14 FEB 2018 - RA Simple - PLANNED WORKS

Summary - PLANNED WORKS - All sites
Published - 24/01/2018
Severity - Major
Start - Wednesday 14th February 2018 01:00am AEST
End - Wednesday 14th February 2018 5:30am AEST
Services - All Phone, Broadband & Corporate services
Areas - All RA sites


We are writing to inform you of some critical works that need to take place.

Network maintenance is required on our underlying server infrastructure which WILL result in a short service outage to the domain name system (DNS). Due to the planned time of this change, no customer notification is planned.
These works are scheduled from 1:00am and is expected to be completed within a short time (within a few minutes), but at worst may take up to a half hour.
During this time, subscribers WILL experience an interruption of service (eg browsing) for up to 30 minutes maximum in duration, however the expected loss of DNS functionality is expected to be much shorter in duration.  Customers WILL NOT need to power-cycle their equipment but technically inclined customers may wish to over-ride their device  (laptop, desktop, mobile handset) DNS settings with the Google DNS servers & during this window to eliminate any service disruption.
If a customer experiences an interruption after the maintenance window, please wait 30 minutes then retry.  If services still do not restore to normal 5 minutes after this, please contact our technical support team for further assistance on 1300 130 185.
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