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Can I keep my email address after changing internet provider?


Email addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP) are typically cancelled when you move to a new provider and cancel the existing service. Some will allow more time, or offer a plan at reduced rates to keep your address, but you'll have to discuss this with them. Many have different ways they can keep your address active however a fee may apply. If you use an email client such as Outlook this may also no longer work and you will need to access the email through the webmail portal on the provider's website.


Google, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts

If you have a Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account, there is no need to make any change and send your contacts a new email address. These services are independant from ISP provided email - you can keep using this without any change regardless of who your ISP is and you can access it from anywhere.

Whilst some people configure mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook on their computer to access these email services, most people find it easier to simply log into the webmail portal on the website.


Telstra Bigpond

If you want to keep your Bigpond e-mail address active, you have to pay small charge per year for a "dial up" service. This provides an active service for your email address to be associated with to keep it operational - you don't need to use the dial up service. Some Bigpond customers however have reported success in retaining their bigpond email address for free after cancelling their services with them so definitely get in touch with them to discuss your options.



If you want to keep your iPrimus email address, it will be transferred to a dial up service account for around $6 per month with no contract. You can contact 1300 137 794 and they will assist you with the transition.



With iiNet, they have email-only accounts available for $25 per year. You'll experience 1 hour of interruption before your account will receive mail again.



If you want to keep your Internode email address, they will allow you to retain an email service for 3 months. You would need to contact them after 3 months and they will set up an email account for $30. Their support number is 1300 788 233.



Dodo allow customers to retain an email address on a budget. You need to subscribe for a dial up service for only $1 per month. You can contact their technical support team on 133 636.


Adam Internet

Adam Internet also offers a dial up service at a price of $7 per month.



If you are TPG customer, you can request for an email-only account for $27.50.

For more information, please contact TPG on 131 423



Your account will remain valid for 90 days after cancellation, but after that it will be deleted. Optus do not offer dial up or email-only services. If you really want to retain your email address, you must have an active account with Optus. You need to have an entry level Optus wireless broadband service just to keep the email account.

For more information, contact Optus on 133 937


This information is intended as a guide only and it is strongly advised that you get in touch with your provider to discuss ways that you can maintain your address once you cancel the associated internet services with them.

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